Friday, July 18, 2008

Carmela's Grandma Pizza

I ate at Carmela's in Longwood, FL for lunch today. Carmela's is Sbarro's version of a sit-down restaurant, and it seems like sometimes they are good, yet horrible other times. This was a good day.

I started off with some garlic knots. They hardly had any garlic on them, and weren't anything special.
Carmela's Garlic Knots
I ordered a Grandma Pizza for the main course. I've had other experiences with trying Grandma Pizzas up on Long Island, where they originated, so this was somewhat of a comparison.
Carmelas Grandma Pizza
This pizza was thicker than the other Grandma's that I have tried, and it had large clumps of sauce and basil on the top of the pizza. Unlike other Grandma Pizzas, the crust wasn't perfectly square so I don't think the pizza was cooked in a Sicilian pizza tray. It actually a very good pizza, despite it being a bit too thick. Apparently Carmela's had a pizza cook today that knew what he was doing because this pizza was a big improvement over the last time I tried pizza here.
Carmelas Grandma Pizza Slice

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