Friday, July 10, 2009

Lottawatta Lodge at Blizzard Beach

I don't like water parks all that much. For the most part, they consist of waiting far too long on narrow, shadeless staircases, all leading up to a ride experience that provides an adrenaline rush lasting only a few seconds. And in regards to the content of this blog, I've found that water parks also have horrible food in most cases.
With that said, I ended up going along to Blizzard Beach at Walt Disney World for someone's birthday. Once at the park, we went around the park’s lazy river a few times and rode several of the slides on Blizzard Beach’s purple and red slopes. All of the slides I went on were fun and most had a pretty short wait. Soon, everyone started getting hungry so we ate at the biggest restaurant in Blizzard Beach called the Lottawatta Lodge.
I had a Chicken wrap with French fries. Disney food is generally good, and I liked this wrap. It wasn't the greatest thing in the world, but when compared to the much worse foods that I’ve had at water parks in the past, it wasn't that bad. It was filled with grilled chicken, cheese, lettuce, and tomato. The fries were good, but I made them even better by doing the British thing and poured several packages of malt vinegar all over them.
 Burgers and fruit salads were also purchased here, none of which I tried.

I still don’t like water parks all that much. I’d much rather spend money on other types of theme park experiences rather than water slides, but I did have a good time at Blizzard Beach. As far as water parks go, you can’t beat Blizzard Beach with it’s whole ski resort theme. And the whole day, not one person understood my joke that you have to be careful at these water parks so you don’t get sick from ingesting dihydrogen monoxide. Figures…

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5 comments: Orlando Food Blog said...

dihydrogen oxide can kill!! lol i was here a few weeks ago! i ate there too at lottawatta lodge lol i had some chicken nuggets and their burger. you are lucky you didnt order the burger cause that stuff is DRY and BLAND! they had a cool asian salad that was huge tho. i didnt bring a cam due to water everywhere :( i had a great time tho

woofboy111 said...

This solved my problem of not being able to bring a camera to watery places. It seems they make housings for hundreds of cameras, and they are really cheap compared to all other underwater housings that I've seen. Orlando Food Blog said...

nice! ill try it out

marina villatoro said...

my god those are big burritos!!!!!! how could slide after them:)
i'm not a fan of waterparks, either. i just don't like getting wet:)

Shelly Smith said...

Pretty well said..
Shelly Smith..

wow gold

Yes that is a nice idea but have you ever thought of going up to the biggest guy on the subway and telling him your thoughts on this. I wonder what he might do, or would you even do it.


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