Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tangierine Cafe at Epcot

Epcot's Morocco
I ended my day at Epcot with a visit to the Morocco Pavilion to get some dinner. There's the Restaurant Marrakesh at the back of the pavilion that I have yet to try, but not for this meal.
Restaurant Marrakesh
I got my food from the Tangierine Cafe. It's a fast food restaurant serving Moroccan food.
tangierine cafe @ night
tangierine cafe @ Epcot
tangierine cafe interior 1
I ordered a Falafel Wrap, served with lentils and couscous. There it is being prepared behind the counter:
tangierine cafe food
tangierine cafe falafel wrap
The couscous had some raisins mixed in and was nice and sweet. The lentils were a bit tart and were really tasty. I sat down to eat on the restaurant's patio just as the Illuminations fireworks show was starting. It was a pretty good view of Epcot exploding into a giant fireball...
Illuminations: Pissing off Conservative Christians since 2000
Once I finished the lentils and couscous which both required forks, I ditched the plate and tray and walked closer to the lake with my falafel. Street vendors in major cities sell falafel for a reason. It's easy to eat on the go. The wrap was filled with the deep fried chickpea balls, lettuce, tomato, onions, and tzatziki.
Half Eaten Falafel Wrap
As far as theme parks go, Epcot is pretty awesome when it comes to food. What other amusement park is there where you can have good Chinese noodle soup for lunch, get free soda, and then end the day by eating falafel while simultaneously watching fireworks?
Big Bang! Evolution! Evil!!!  Worse than the Universe of Energy that combines a Bill Nye, lesbians, evolution, and Exxon oil conspiracies.  Awesomeness to me, evil to the religious people...

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a stunning view, are u going to do any races at disney watch me eat?


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