Wednesday, May 29, 2019

City Dog Cantina in Tampa, FL

Had dinner at a restaurant in Tampa called City Dog Cantina. They seemed to be mostly bar, but they had a decent menu including all day breakfast. I ordered the French toast.
This meal came with two thick slices of French toast, topped with powdered sugar. Two slices of bacon were served on the side. Everything on the plate was as expected. Nothing was exceptional or creative, but it was a good serving of French toast for dinner.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Cafe Du Japon in Daytona Beach, FL

I was in Daytona Beach and was looking for another Japanese restaurant which I had visited in the past. After being unable to find it, asking around told me it had closed up and I should try Cafe Du Japon instead. Cafe Du Japon is like a sushi speakeasy. GPS will give you directions, but you end up a somewhat sketchy storefront with a question mark in the window and old neon signs advertising Beer & Wine and Internet. There's nothing with the name of the restaurant, nor is there any indication that they serve Japanese food if you don't already know. Seems like a bit of a strange advertising method, but the word of mouth about Cafe Du Japon must be good because they were busy.
I tried three sushi rolls at Cafe Du Japon. I had the Fuzzy Caterpillar Roll, Orange Country Roll, and Spicy California Roll (left to right in the photo). All of which I enjoyed. The presentation on the Fuzzy Caterpillar was very nice with the sauce antenna on the plate!


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