Friday, July 24, 2009

Hummus House

Hummus House
I bought dinner one evening from the Hummus House on University Boulevard in Orlando.

I had a falafel pita, and while it tasted alright, it was hard to ignore how stingy they were with the fillings in the pita. They used three or four tiny falafel balls that were too small and too few to properly fill the sandwich. I went several bites in a row without hitting any falafel. Hummus House wasn't any more generous with any of the other minor fillings (vegetables) either. The only redeeming factor was the hummus. Possibly because of their name, Hummus House put lots and lots of hummus on the pita.

I really have no complaints about the taste, but why go to Hummus House when there are so many other nearby restaurants that serve similar food and aren't stingy with the portions? Across the street, there is Falafel Cafe where you get a properly stuffed pita with and a cup of soup for basically the same price. There is also a Pita Pit across the street, and although I have not tried their falafel, I have always been pleased with their other pitas. Even the Mrs. Fields Cookies in the UCF Student Union has really good falafel!
Falafel Pita
I also ordered some stuffed grape leaves. Unlike the falafel pita, I was completely 100% happy with these!
Grape Leaves
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i do like mrs fields hummus haha .

Amber said...

I eat at hummus house about once a week or more LOL I am totally addicted to it. I think you went on a bad day because the pitas I always get are so huge I can never finish it. I would like you to go again and give them another shot they really are very good!!
PS my fave is the chicken condender you gotta try it!!

Penelope said...

Maybe you should try Hummus House again because whenever I go I get nothing but huge portions. All you have to do is ASK because they don't charge extra toppings. If you want a packed pita, then go ahead and ask for one. Every time I go there the girls have no problem shoving in an extra handful of cheese, olives, or whatever else I may desire. They're also very accommodating to their regulars (as I am one). I have never been turned down whenever I ask for four falafel patties. I don't mean to be so pushy, but I really do believe that you should give this place another try. From my experience, as the store ages the quality and service only gets better.

I challenge you to re-do this review. If you don't like it again, then I'm wrong, but if I'm right you just might have another place to have a good meal.

Anonymous said...

Hummus House is simply the best by far in my book, and I eat there every single opportunity I get. Additionally,when I invite people to eat at the Hummus House for the first time, they keep returning and love the food. I got sick from eating at the Pita Pit once and refuse to go back.

I believe
Hummus House's pitas ROCK!!!

Sarah said...

go back again, no way you wouldnt like it, im always satisfied


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