Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gino's Pizza & Brew in Orlando, FL

Gino's Pizza & Brew has a few locations within blocks of one another in Downtown Orlando (or had- I know a couple of the other Gino's have since closed). The biggest and original Gino's is located on Orange Avenue near Church Street. Gino's is open 24 hours so pizza for breakfast is always an option here. The employees here are very creepy most of the time and it always seems like there's something shady going on in the restaurant. They are overpriced too, but they're cheaper than the other nearby pizzerias in downtown. All that being said, Gino's does have some very tasty pizza (and free garlic knots). They are one of my favorite places to go for pizza by the slice since they always have a good selection of different pies.
On one visit to Gino's, I shared an 18" cheese pizza. The pizza was good, although I personally felt it could have been cooked a little longer for a crispier crust.
On another visit, I had the Tomato Bianca pizza. This sauceless pie was topped with sliced tomatoes and sprinkled with basil. Unlike the cheese pie on my previous visit, the crust was cooked to perfection this time around.
Update: While downtown on May 19, 2013, I noticed that Gino's has gone out of business. I think this was the last one in Orlando. This place has been in Orlando for as long as I can remember, but I guess their high prices and creepy employees finally caught up with them. According to the sign out front, a new restaurant called Gitto's is opening up in this location.

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