Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dave & Buster's in Orlando, FL

I recently tried the new Dave & Buster's on International Drive. I had a general idea of what Dave & Buster's was before going, but I had never actually been to one.

After spending far too long trying to find parking in their small lot, we sat in the bar area to avoid more waiting. I ordered the Shrimp and Chicken Alfredo for my meal. The pasta had lots of chicken, a few shrimp, sundried tomatoes, and mushrooms. It tasted okay for what it was, but overall was pretty generic and reminded me a whole lot of pasta from Friday's or Chili's.

The whole thing about Dave & Buster's being an arcade made for adults didn't seem to hold true. To me, the whole setup seemed like a Chuck-E-Cheese where the kids could go run wild and unsupervised in the games while parents could get drunk and watch football in the bar. The games themselves didn't do much for me either. I had problems spending the money we had on our card, just due to the lack of desire to play any of the games they had there. Go up the street to Fun Spot for a much better arcade in my opinion, without wall to wall screaming kids and their drunk parents. Or even better, go to DisneyQuest...

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Ashley K. Edwards said...

I share the same sentiment as you about this place. Way overrated and best left to the tourists.

I actually went on a day when it wasn't so crowded so I got to eat in the dining room. I didn't, though, feel like it was an incredibly outstanding experience.


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