Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pizza Blitz in Pikesville, MD

Continuing with some more travel blogging, I had reached my destination of my road trip: The suburbs of Baltimore. While there, I did do some of the touristy stuff. I visited the National Aquarium for the first time (I think I'm jaded with sealife. I was disappointed) and wandered around the Inner Harbor.

After I checked that stuff off my list of places to see, I moved onto seeing the more obscure sights in the area. One of the places that I ended up was called Quarry Lake at Greenspring. Apparently this man-made, 500 foot deep lake is one of the deepest in the state. As the name implies, the giant hole in the ground was originally a stone quarry which was then filled with water. The surrounding land was used to build a shopping center, expensive condos, and a paved trail surrounding the lake. When I read about Quarry Lake, I actually didn't realize how built up the area was. I went for the trail to ride my unicycle, but I figured while I was there, I might as well get dinner too.
Food happened at a restaurant called Pizza Blitz. This pizzeria, serving mostly pizza-by-the-slice, was one of the few non-chain restaurants in the shopping center overlooking the lake.
I had a plain cheese slice and a white vegetable slice. Both were good, although the toppings on the vegetable slice were a bit sad looking once I inspected them up close. They basically consisted of chopped tomato and broccoli crumbs. Other than that, the slices were tasty. The crust was nice and thin. The cheese and sauce both had good flavor. Overall, these were good, NY style slices. Apparently the suburbs of Baltimore have good pizza...

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