Friday, October 5, 2012

Los Mayas in Clearwater, FL

I stopped in Downtown Clearwater on the way to the beach for some lunch. The winner for the day was a Mexican restaurant called Los Mayas.
The meal started with a huge basket of chips and salsa. For my meal, I had the Tacos al Pastor. This consisted of four tacos filled with very flavorful pork on corn tortillas. Refried beans were served on the side as well as a bowl of salsa borracha. This salsa, or drunk sauce, was new to me. It was sort of like a type of guacamole, except it had chunks of avocado rather than mashed. The salsa had a nice kick and ended up being used on all of the tacos as well as left over tortilla chips.
I liked Los Mayas. I haven't been too happy with the past few Mexican restaurants I've visited and Los Mayas finally broke the spell of mediocre Mexican food!

Los Mayas Mexican on Urbanspoon

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