Friday, February 22, 2013

Upper Crust Pizza Café in Celebration, FL

Upper Crust Pizza Cafe is a take-out Italian restaurant in Downtown Celebration. They have a few outdoor tables in front of the restaurant that always seem to fill up fast. I've gotten food here multiple times now, and I've noticed the pizzas are highly inconsistent. On some visits, according to my pizza standards, I find the pizza to be really good. On other visits, the pizza is so bad that I have trouble finishing a single slice. Regardless, I end up trying Upper Crust again and their pizza is good again. Perhaps it's different cooks that have drastically different pizza making styles, but inconsistency probably isn't good for a restaurant. On my latest visit to Upper Crust, I tried a pizza called The Diego. The pie was topped with ricotta, fresh tomatoes, and spinach.
This visit to Upper Crust resulted in a better pizza. They were very generous with the amount of toppings, especially the ricotta. Wasn't the best pizza I've ever had from Upper Crust, but it was far from the worst. I suppose I caught them on a good day on this visit.

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