Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Camila's Restaurant Superbuffet in Orlando, FL

I decided to try some Brazilian food after a visit to one of the International Drive outlet malls. Not really knowing what to expect, I turned into Camila's Restaurant before realizing that it was a buffet. I had a feeling this would be very different from Texas de Brazil up the street...
The restaurant was pretty quiet when we first arrived, but about half-way through the meal, buses started to pull up and I found out where you are taken to eat if you're part of a Brazilian tour group. At that point, every table was filled with Portuguese speaking people. That is, with the exception of us and the Japanese tourist seated next to us (they were taking pictures of their food- my type of people).
I liked the food. I'm not going to try and identify it all since I'm no expert on Brazilian food, but I'll do the best I can. On my trip to the buffet, I tried some soup, noodles, and a potato dish.
My second plate included black beans and rice, beef, some sort of fish, and more of the potato dish from the previous plate.
Trip number three to the buffet was for dessert. I had a sort of pudding/flan type of dessert...
I did enjoy the food at Camila's. It was definitely different compared to most of the other I-Drive buffets and way cheaper than the churrascaria style Brazilian buffets. Still, I don't know if I'd return due to the tour groups. Before the buses pulled up, eating here was nice and pleasant. Once they showed up though and people started pouring in by the hundreds, getting food from the buffet was much more of a chore, especially since there was suddenly huge lines for buffet tables that were previously empty. If you do decide to try this place, make sure you get there before the tour groups...

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