Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wood Grill Buffet in Orlando, FL

I ended up eating dinner at a very touristy buffet called Wood Grill Buffet along the sparsely occupied section of International Drive between Sea World and Disney. According to the host, Wood Grill Buffet was a completely independent, one of a kind, non-chain restaurant. Once we were eating, I did notice that the signs on the inside of the restaurant called itself Western Sizzlin's Wood Grill Buffet. According to their website, this was Western Sizzlin's only Wood Grill Buffet location, but they are definitely not as independent as the host said.
I made two trips up to the buffet. On my first plate, I sampled a sundried tomato and sausage pasta, ribs, wings, fried okra, green beans, an onion ring and corn bread. The two standouts here were the ribs and the cornbread. The ribs were fresh (brought out a fresh batch as I was approaching the buffet) and the meat was nice and tender. The cornbread was surprisingly moist. Everything else on the plate was average.
My second plate consisted of far too many carbs. I tried the macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, cheesy potato casserole, brussel sprouts, and a biscuit. The macaroni and mashed potatoes tasted like they were very mass-produced and seemed instant/microwaved. The grilled brussel sprouts were the highlight on this plate, and seemed unusual to be found on a touristy buffet.
Wood Grill Buffet was a step above some of the other buffets on International Drive. It was definitely way better than a Ponderosa or a Sizzler, but I'd rank it below the touristy buffets at Disney.

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Linda said...

What was the price for dinner (adult)? Thanks!


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