Friday, May 23, 2014

Tamale Co. in Orlando, FL

I was at the Orlando Farmers Market at Lake Eola a few weeks ago and had lunch from the Tamale Co. tent. The Tamale Co. is also a local food truck in Orlando that seems to frequent events like the Food Truck Bazaars. This was my first encounter with them at the farmers market so I was interested in trying their "Mexican Gourmet Tamales."
The tamales were $4.50 each, or two for $8. I was both hungry and trying to be economical, so I ordered the two tamales. I first tried the Verde Chicken Tamale. This tamale was my favorite of the two. The corn tamale was topped with shredded chicken in a chile verde sauce, topped with tomitillo cream sauce, cilantro aioli, cheese, and cilantro leaves. The other tamale was the Choriqueso. This consisted of chorizo sausage and chihuahua cheese served in a red sauce with cilantro sprinkled over the top. During the first few bites of my tamales, I prefered the Choriqueso out of the two. About half way through, the spicy flavors in the Verde grew on me and the Choriqueso suddenly seemed bland in relation.
Both of the tamales were tasty and I'm looking forward to trying the Tamale Co. again sometime in the future. Perhaps next time I'll catch them when they're in food truck form rather than tent form.

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