Sunday, November 30, 2014

Medieval Food at the Lady of the Lakes Renaissance Faire in Tavares, FL

Behold the power of social media for your benefit! I visited the Lady of the Lakes Renaissance Faire in Tavares a few weeks ago. I wasn't planning on writing about the fair on a food blog, but I did post a picture on Instagram/Facebook of some chili I ate while there. I got a comment requesting a blog post, so here we go! You do follow this blog on Instagram and Facebook, don't you?
As for renaissance fairs go, Lady of the Lakes had somewhat disappointing food options. It seemed like the majority of the booths selling food were run by a local high school's culinary program. There were some ren fest staples such as turkey legs, but much of the foods available were what seemed like generic school cafeteria hamburgers and hot dogs. There was one booth that caught my eye offering soup in a bread bowl. I went with the chili. I'd assume from the container that the chili was served out of that it was made by Campbell's. It was very meaty, slightly spicy, and could have used a little more moisture to seep into the bread bowl.
Being that the chili wasn't all that soupy, I soon ditched the spoon and started eating the bread bowl/chili in a true medieval fashion. I'd rip off a piece of bread, scoop up some chili, and devour it with my hands. All this happened while watching knights fight to the death, so I'll forgive some mediocre chili prepared by high school students...

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