Monday, September 12, 2016

UK Food #5: Bath & Hampton Court (West Cornwall Pasty Co, Privy Kitchen, and Corelli Ice Cream)

This is the last of blog posts about my recent trip to the UK. On this post, we leave the big cities a bit and find some food. We will start out in Bath.

West Cornwall Pasty Co:

I took a bus tour to Stonehenge and Bath. While in Bath, I bought myself lunch at a restaurant called the West Cornwall Pasty Co. My only experience with Cornish Pasties in the past was at the Three Broomsticks at Islands of Adventure, which I wasn't too impressed with. I was excited to try a British food actually in England. Being that the sign said they were award winning made it even better!
The Cornish Pasties were folded over pies, similar to empanadas or calzones. They had a large selection of fillings available, but it was suggested I go with the Traditional Cornish Pasty, filled with beef and onions.
I liked it. It reminded me of a shepherd's pie without the potatoes on top.
I ordered the combo which was served with chips and mushy peas.

Hampton Court Palace Privy Kitchen:

On another day, I took a train to Hampton Court Palace. I ate lunch while there at a restaurant in the castle called Privy Kitchen. I ordered their pie of the day, which was Chicken, Leek, and Ham Hock. I figured out by this point in my trip that I really like these British pies. This was filled with lots of meat and vegetables, all floating around in a very tasty sauce. A mixed green salad was served on the side. Eating the pie in King Henry VIII's castle made it taste a little better as well...

Corelli Ice Cream: 

As I was walking to the train station from Hampton Court, I passed a small cart called Corelli Ice Cream. Sounded good to me...
I ordered Vanilla in a chocolate covered waffle cone, with flake. The ice cream was interesting. It was soft serve, but seemed to have a thicker consistency with a yellow tint compared to what we get in the US. The flake was a chocolate wafer that was placed in the cone and had the ice cream poured over it. I sat there on a bench overlooking the River Thames, ate my ice cream, and boarded my train...

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