Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Soggy Broadway at the Beach Pizzeria Uno Pizza

After the Hard Rock Park while in Myrtle Beach, I ate at a Pizzeria Uno at Broadway at the Beach, near the Planet Hollywood that I ate at previously.

I had a deep dish pizza filled with assorted vegetarian items. The toppings were good enough, but the pizza was sitting in a puddle of something on the plate that made the entire bottom of the pizza soggy. Soggy waterlogged pizza isn't something most people like...
Uno Deep Dish

UNO Chicago Grill on Urbanspoon


Dave said...

One of the things we ordered was a barbecued beef sandwich with french fries. When the fries were about 1/2 eaten, there was something on the plate. Under the fries was the inky receipt the cook sees when he makes the order. Kind of gross. When we bought it to the waitresses attention, all she could say was I'm so sorry, and she insisted on taking the greasy, oily receipt off the plate. End of story. I'm just very surprised that no compansation was offered such as a new plate of food, a free desert, 10% off the bill, or anything! Time to send this to Watch me eat!

Dave said...

An update for the last post. The Pizzeria Uno I was at was in Lake Mary, Florida!

Dave said...

Hey! It's the next day since I made the last 2 posts! Pizzeria Uno coporate is sending me a $15.00 gift certificate! I thank them very much!


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