Monday, September 15, 2008

Altamonte Springs Sweet Tomatoes

I ate at Sweet Tomatoes in Altamonte Springs, FL once again. The restaurant is basically a big salad bar, and since it's a salad bar, just about any plate of salad that you eat there looks about the same. If you want to see a plate of salad, read about my last visit to Sweet Tomatoes. Instead of salad, I will discuss the other food items served in the restaurant. To be more specific, I think I will talk about Sweet Tomato's soup and pizza...
Chicken Orzo Soup and Pizza From Sweet Tomatoes
Cheese Pizza & Greek Pizza From Sweet Tomatoes
I had chicken orzo soup, which I thought was kind of flavorless and was mostly broth. The focaccia pizza isn't normally anything good, but on this visit they had a Greek pizza topped with artichoke hearts, feta, peppers, tomatoes, and other good stuff that actually tasted pretty good...

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