Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dalli's Cheese & Meatball Pizza

Dalli's Meatball & Cheese Pizza
I ordered take out from Dalli's Pizza in Lake Mary, FL. I ordered a half cheese/half meatball pizza. It was a pretty good pizza for the most part. The only problem was that the meatball half of the pizza was extra crispy, while the cheese half didn't seem to be cooked as much. Maybe they cooked the meatball side in a warmer part of the oven due to the extra toppings or maybe their oven needs some tuning up and cooks unevenly. Besides from the unevenly cooked crust, the pizza was pretty good.

Last time got food from Dalli's, I noted that there were all new people working in the restaurant. Most of the people working the kitchen here used to be older white guys including an old man that would get very upset and start yelling in Italian (I'm assuming) if an order was messed up. Now it seems the majority of the people in the kitchen are younger Hispanic people, so I am assuming the restaurant was sold. Regardless of the people working at Dalli's, the food is consistent with what it always has been, and the pizza is good!

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