Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pizza from Dallis in Lake Mary, FL

I once again ate food from Dalli's in Lake Mary, FL. Today I had pizza.
Dallis Cheese Pizza
I took the cheese pizza home and opened up a can of anchovies and put them on the pizza. I really don't know why people are so opposed to these salty little fish. I think the majority of people have never actually tried anchovy topped pizza and are just going along with some strange American cultural opposition to anchovies. If people would actually taste the fish, I think they would have many more fans...
Dallis Cheese Pizza with Anchovies...
The pizza itself was okay. I found the crust to be way too thick and chewy in spots, but otherwise the pizza tasted decent. When I went to pick up the pizza, it seemed like the restaurant may have new owners, based on a completely new group of employees that I have never seen in there before. The pizza seemed pretty consistent with what it has been in the past, regardless of the new people cooking the food.

1 comment:

Aggie said...

We order pizza from here a lot because they's good pizza, but like you said a little thick and chewy. But compared to others I've had in the area, pretty good pizza. And anchovies! :)


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