Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Casa Del-Dio Pizza

Casa Del-Dio in Fern Park, FL used to always win Best Pizza in Orlando in the local papers. I ate at the restaurant back then, and the pizza was good. Then for some reason, I thought Casa Del-Dio went out of business. I tried going to the restaurant a few times, and they were always closed. I recently drove by, and they were open again, so I gave them a try. We had a large cheese pizza and some garlic bread.

The garlic bread was garlic-less. They put garlic butter/powder on the bread instead of actual garlic. That's never a good thing.
Garlic Bread

The pizza tasted okay, but it was overloaded with cheese. The cheese was way too much and out of proportion compared to the rest of the pizza. The overload of cheese kind of ruined what seemed to be a pretty good pizza otherwise. I never like it when there is more cheese than the pizza can handle, and it all overflows onto the plate while there is still plenty of cheese on the slice.
Cheesy Pizza
It seems other people enjoy this overload of cheese because Casa Del-Dio was quite busy with people eating pizzas...
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Chris said...

Casa Del-dio has a "new" owner (about 3-4 years ago). He really let it get run down.

You need to check out Pizzeria Del-Dio (www.pizzeradel-dio.com). The former owner of Casa Del-dio opened up a new place on Colonial early last year (across from Fashion Square Mall).

The new pizzeria has great atmosphere, is easy to get to and the food is reasonably priced.

Pizza is great! Other dishes are also really good. Check it out.


you should do a best pizza of orlando postttt

Saloumeh said...

Hi, just read your post and I think its a bit outdated...I was actually at the restaurant the other day and wanted to comment that its actually under new management now, and its well decorated & clean...as for food, it was excellent, the menu is new and the food has a New York italian taste. Overall I was impressed and I would like to recommend it to other folks to check out.

Anonymous said...

What happened to this place...? Its gone.


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