Thursday, December 25, 2008

Fish Tacos from Market Street Cafe in Celebration, FL

Market Street Cafe
Market Street Cafe
I ate Fish Tacos from the Market Street Cafe in Celebration, FL. Celebration was the planned community created by Disney and the Market Street Cafe is one of the original restaurants in the city. The restaurant has the whole classic diner look going on (as seen by the picture below), and they seem to try to have the appropriate food. I really don't know how appropriate tacos are for diner food, but they were still good.

Market Street Cafe
My fish tacos were good. They consisted of fried cod, lettuce, and salsa wrapped in tortillas, and were served with an avocado tarter sauce and fries. My only complaint was that the French fries were kind of soggy, and didn't exactly seem freshly cooked. Otherwise, my Market Street Cafe Fish Tacos were tasty.
Fish Tacos

It also snowed in Celebration while I was there. They had soap machines that blew out bubbles that simulated snow on the lampposts downtown. Every hour, everyone would get completely covered with oily soap. It was fun...
Soap Snow
Snow Bell

Here's a video of the fake snow in Downtown Celebration followed by a house with Christmas lights synchronized to music from Epcot's Illuminations.

As for something else food related in Celebration, I took a picture of this large ginger bread house in a store window.
Ginger Bread House

Of course, that little ginger bread house is nothing compared to some of Disney's larger ginger bread creations:

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