Friday, November 6, 2009

Carlos 'n Charlie's in Lake Mary, FL

I tried the new Carlos 'n Charlie's in Lake Mary, FL. Carlos 'n Charlie's is a chain based out of Mexico that currently has two locations in the United States. Given the entire United States to pick from, how a chain in Mexico chooses to open a restaurant in Lake Mary's upscale Heathrow neighborhood is beyond me.
carlos n charlies
Tortilla chips in a paper bag and a bowl of salsa were served first. Pretty standard, although the salsa was a little too chunky for my liking. For the meal, I ordered Shrimp Baja Tacos. Or at least I thought I did. On the menu, it had a choice of fish OR shrimp tacos. The tacos I got had both fish AND shrimp. I didn't mind since I was having trouble deciding between the fish and shrimp when looking over the menu, but I could definitely see people having issues with getting both. Besides from the fried seafood, the tacos were filled with cabbage, onions, refried beans, and were served with a cup of really sweet sauce. The tacos did taste okay, but weren't worth the price in my opinion. At $13, I really would have expected some sort of side with the tacos, especially since you can get better seafood tacos elsewhere for more than half the price!
carlos n charlies Fish/Shrimp Tacos
I also found it interesting that Carlos 'n Charlie's had a DJ playing music, but I couldn't hear what was being played. The noise level in the restaurant was so obsenely loud that I had trouble hearing the people sitting across the table from me. I couldn't tell what the DJ was playing, I just knew there was some sort of music adding to the ambient noise pollution. Perhaps the noise levels wouldn't have been an issue if I was drunk like many of the restaurant's other patrons at the surrounding tables...
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Lake Mary Food Critic said...

I could not agree with you more. Carlos and Charlie's seemed to be overrated and have some really mediocre at best food. Add to that a margarita where there is only the slightest hint of Tequila--if that--at a hefty price (for what you get) and I'll not go back here. I think it's just a party place for the young but not-yet-sophisticated crowd, at best.

Anonymous said...

The management at this dump are too much. They must think they are still in Mexico the way they treat their employees.The first lesson you learn in food service management is that your staff are your number 1 asset, without a happy and educated crew you have no business.

Go back to Mexico where you belong and take your arrogant,jaded,egotistical management with you.


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