Friday, March 12, 2010

Wynee's Bistro @ FSC in Lakeland, FL

Wynee's Bistro is the cafeteria at Florida Southern College in Lakeland. While visiting some people that attend the school, I ate here a few times. Unlike larger colleges where you have a choice of food and countless restaurants, it seems like at FSC you get to eat whatever is being served that day if you want to eat on campus.

Hotdogs and the various sides that go along with them were being served on one of my visits. If you were a vegan, you would starve today...
Hotdog Lunch
They did have good desserts.
FSC desserts
On another visit, they had a shrimp boil that was provided by Wynee's Bistro. It consisted of shrimp that were a huge pain to peel, some overcooked chicken breasts, potatoes, and pasta salad.
wynee's bistro shrimp boil
From what I hear about the food at Wynee's Bistro and what I tried, I don't think I'd be very happy eating here if I was a student a FSC. I don't like the "eat what we're serving today or starve" mentality that Wynee's Bistro seems to have. But I guess that happens at a college that has less students than the high school I attended...

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