Monday, September 13, 2010

Athenian Garden in Lake Mary, FL

Athenian Garden is a new Greek restaurant in Heathrow. Positive things were being said about the restaurant on other food blogs, so I gave them a try.

The meal started with some rolls and an olive tapenade. Soon, our order was taken and I choose the Chicken Souvlaki Pita. The pita was filled with chicken, lettuce, tomato, onions, and tzatziki. The tzatziki was actually my favorite part of the sandwich. It had a great dill flavor that really stood out. Unfortunately, the chicken was kind of tough and also had a pretty strong charred taste, almost on the border of tasting burnt. Overall, it was an average sandwich, but really nothing worth rushing back to get again. For $8, the sandwich was also a bit expensive to not come with any sides. When ordering, I was asked if I wanted fries to go with the pita. I was informed that I could get a side if I upgrade to a dinner for $12. An extra $4 for some fries is a bit too much to be asking in my opinion...
athenian garden
While writing this, I found out Athenian Garden is connected to Cypriana in Casselberry. It's funny since I like Cypriana but really wasn't too impressed with Athenian Garden. The menu here seemed smaller with higher prices. I think next time I'm looking for Greek food in Lake Mary, I'll head to Greek Village instead...

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