Monday, September 27, 2010

Lings Buffet in Lakeland, FL

Lings Buffet
I ate dinner at Lings Buffet in Lakeland. Lings is a good sized Chinese buffet and was very busy, which is good since that means there's a good turnover on the food.
Ling's Buffet
I started with a plate of the typical Chinese buffet food to test the waters. Lo mein, a couple of variations on chicken, beans, etc...
Chinese Buffet Standards...
Lings actually had a really nice selection of sushi for a buffet, and there were actually lots of people eating it. I had various rolls, edamame, and a nice radish salad.
Ling's Sushi
I had to try their hibachi too. I had them stir-fry noodles, shrimp, egg, and various vegetables in a ginger sauce. Pretty good...
Hibachi from Lings
Finally, I ended my meal with the fun foods that scare people. The tofu wasn't all that great at Lings, but I personally prefer a firmer tofu. The salt & pepper frog leg that I picked off the buffet table was actually my first time ever eating frog. It was good and actually tasted like fried chicken. The amphibious black veins running through the meat were a little strange, but I got over them quickly. I'd get frog again! For my dessert, I had a sesame ball filled with red bean paste...
Chinese Buffet Food that Scares Americans...
Overall, Lings was a pretty good Chinese buffet. It was a little on the expensive side at $13.95, but they had a nice selection of food. How many other buffets out there have frog legs?

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