Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mamacita's Mexican Bar & Grill in Hollywood, FL

On a cold winter evening, I made my way to the boardwalk in Hollywood, FL to find dinner. After a short walk, the scary mannequin outside of Mamacita's Mexican Bar & Grill drew me in for some food.
Scary Santa Guy...
Like most meals at Mexican restaurants, tortilla chips and salsa came first. The salsa had a nice kick to it...
Chips & Salsa
I ordered the Torta al Pastor for my meal. Mexican tortas are something I was completely unaware of until a few months ago. Once I was conscious of tortas though, I've been coming across them everywhere and it was about time that I finally try one of these Mexican sandwiches. The Torta al Pastor was filled with spicy pork, sliced avocado, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. Technically, it was the typical fillings found in a taco (except the mayonnaise) with a more substantial baked good holding everything together. I had nothing bad to say about the sandwich. It was cheap, filling, and delicious. The ocean view didn't hurt either.
Torta al Pastor
Mamacita's Torta

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Anonymous said...

Broadwalk, man. Not the boardwalk.

Watch Me Eat said...

Wow... It is Broadwalk. Why did Hollywood have to go moving that R around in the word just to confuse everyone? Does anyone actually call it Broadwalk rather than Boardwalk?


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