Thursday, November 10, 2011

Twisted Cuban Food Truck in Orlando, FL

There is an annual Halloween Festival in Downtown Longwood and food trucks were involved this year. The festival was located in Reiter Park, where the baseball fields and playgrounds were removed and replaced with a mysterious grass covered hill. The trucks attending were Gastrotruck, The Batter Bowl, and a truck that was new to me called The Twisted Cuban.
I tried their Cuban sandwich. It consisted of ham, roast pork, swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard on pressed Cuban bread. The sandwich was very tasty and was plenty to eat. It was also made extremely quickly by the standards set by most of Orlando's other food trucks that I've tried. I'd get more food from them in the future!
I tried the Twisted Cuban truck a second time at one of the Food Truck Bazaars. On this visit, I tried their fritas. These were two slider-size sandwiches consisting of burgers topped with fried onions. Unlike the traditional American beef burger, these contained other meats including chorizo which gave them really nice flavors.

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Marilyn @ said...

Thank you for reviewing Twisted Cuban! I haven't gotten a chance to try their sandwiches — I'm going to have to catch them at a bazaar or pod soon. DeLand is a ways away!

Clorinda Disimone said...

I have yet to try Cuban cuisine, and a sandwich sounds like a good way to start. I have always loved the taste of roast pork. That ham and roast pork sandwich you described sounds too good to pass up -- I'd love to try that out one of these days.


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