Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cerrato's Italian Market & Deli in Melbourne, FL

Cerrato's Italian Market & Deli is a small store on 192 in Melbourne. They may be small, but they have all sorts of delicious foods. They sell foods like homemade pastas, fresh mozzarella cheese, Italian desserts, olives, and all sorts of other Italian goodies. They also have a deli that makes some very tasty sandwiches, which is the main focus of this post.
I've stopped into Cerrato's for their sandwiches a few times now. On one of my visits to Cerrato's, I had a caprese sandwich. It was served on a bread with a really nice crust, filled with lots of their homemade mozzarella, tomatoes, onions, and basil. The caprese sandwich was one of their daily specials when I tried it, so this huge sandwich was only $5 and change.
On another visit to Cerrato's, I had a prosciutto and cheese sandwich. Served on the same wonderful bread, I had this sandwich with all the toppings, including lettuce, tomato, onions, mustard, salt & pepper, and oil & vinegar.
When there are places like Cerrato's serving these sandwiches, why would anyone go to the big chains like Subway?

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Anonymous said...

did not like the bread also expected to pay 6.50 for a ham and cheese sand cost me almost 8.00 I think i got ripped off.

Anonymous said...

Just founds this place and oh my it is yummy! The Italian sub was huge and delicious.

Anonymous said...

this place is awesome , have had a lot of things there and all have been great , the bread is fresh baked and the people are wonderful , if your looking for a cheap processed nasty meat sandwich for 6.50 maybe you need to stick to subway


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