Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oceanside Grille in Satellite Beach, FL

Oceanside Grille is a restaurant in Satellite Beach. It is located in a rather plain looking shopping mall along A1A and I probably would have never noticed the restaurant on my own. A friend knows the owner of Oceanside Grille, so after finishing a project we were working on, he arranged a multi-course dinner/wine tasting at the restaurant to celebrate. Turns out Oceanside Grille can put together a pretty awesome dinner...
The meal started with a huge scallop in a shiitake mushroom sauce. The presentation was really nice, with the little jalapeno and parsley garnish. 
Salad was the second course. It was an arugula salad with goat cheese, artichoke hearts, and strawberry. These three ingredients aren't something that I would think of to put together in a salad, but it worked really well. 
The third course was Chilean Sea Bass served Oscar style. Although Chilean sea bass has been one of the top fish to avoid for years according to various seafood watch lists, my conscious didn't hurt too much as I ate this tasty piece of fish topped with crab meat.
Next was a Duck and Brie Pot Pie. I've never had duck in pie before, and this was a good one. The duck was nice and tender and lacked the fatty pieces that gives the bird a bad reputation.
The fifth course of the meal was wagyu beef in a peppercorn sauce. This was my first time trying wagyu and I was a little skeptical before tasting the meat. There's the whole controversy on whether or not restaurants are actually serving anything besides normal beef at a higher price when they sell wagyu or kobe beef. Upon tasting, that skepticism quickly went away as I realized this beef was indeed better. People that love steak have always told me about how the meat will almost melt in your mouth. I can honestly say that this wagyu was the first time that I've ever experienced this with beef. Perhaps I've just had really bad luck every time I've had beef in the past, but to me, this wagyu was a foodie epiphany of understanding how good beef can potentially be. The spicy peppercorn sauce made the beef even better...
Finally, it was time for dessert. We ended up having two desserts, the first being a chocolate creme brulee. It was very chocolaty and good.
The second dessert, the strawberry fettucini, was definitely the winner. I've never had anything quite like this, and it was delicious. Strips of crepe made up the fettucini, served in a creamy sauce that had a slight cinnamon flavor, then topped with strawberries and walnuts. I love it when restaurants do unique desserts!
Oceanside Grille was one of the best meals in a while. I can't remember the last time I've had a fancy multi-course like this. The taste and presentation of the food was wonderful. I got to try some new foods and was introduced to the wonder that is wagyu beef. You should definitely visit Oceanside Grille!

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