Friday, June 15, 2012

Asia Skewers Food Truck in Orlando, FL

Late one night I was driving along University Boulevard in Winter Park and noticed a food truck called Asia Skewers sitting in the parking lot of a Citgo gas station. Suddenly my mind was filled with memories of exploring Flushing's Chinatown and getting skewers of delicious meat from the Xinjiang BBQ Carts. I quickly turned around and pulled in to try Orlando's version of Asian meat on sticks.
Asia Skewers had menu consisting of skewers of chicken, beef, shrimp, pork, wings, or veggie. Each was under $2 and were also available as combos coming with fried rice or as sandwiches. They didn't have any of the exotic meats that the Chinatown skewer carts have, but I wouldn't really expect it in the suburbs of Orlando.
Since I had already ate dinner earlier in the evening, I decided to just get a couple of individual skewers, namely chicken and shrimp. After a few minutes of cooking, I received these two boxes along with two sauces.
I went for the chicken first. The thin strip of chicken impaled on a stick was very tasty, not needing any of the provided sauce. It sort of reminded me of the chicken skewers sometimes found on Chinese buffets, only better. Unlike the Chinese buffet skewers, this chicken was actually edible rather than chewing on a piece of leather on a stick. I would by all means get the chicken skewer again.
The shrimp skewer was also good, consisting of four mid-sized shrimp. Again, these had plenty of flavor and I didn't touch the sauces that came along with the skewers. It seemed like the chicken provided more food for the priced, but regardless, two skewers for three dollars and change is still a good deal.
I would definitely stop by Asia Skewers again. They are apparently open from 5 pm to 5 am, so I'll need to keep them in mind if I'm looking for a really late night/early morning dinner when I'm on that side of town!

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