Friday, September 21, 2012

Max & Meme Cafe in Longwood, FL

I tried a new breakfast/lunch place in Longwood called Max & Meme Cafe. This restaurant took over a former Burger King and although they did some renovations, it is still pretty obvious how the building started its life. The menu consisted of mostly breakfast items along with some sandwiches for lunch. I ordered one of their specials that were written on the space that once displayed Burger King's menu and went with Joseph's Frittata.
The frittata was filled with chorizo, bacon, jalapenos, cheeses, and various other ingredients. It was really flavorful and had a nice spice from the chorizo and peppers. Homefries were served as a side, but I personally found them a bit bland. Otherwise, I was pretty impressed with the breakfast menu here. There were items like the frittata that weren't the typical breakfast foods that every other restaurant serves, which is definitely a good thing.

The service at Max & Meme Cafe could definitely use some work though. There were a couple of us at our table that didn't get drinks for the entire meal, even with several reminders to our waitress. Service otherwise was acceptable, but extremely slow. Looking at the reviews on Urbanspoon, issues with the service seems to be a common theme at this restaurant. I hope they get their service issues sorted out because their food was good!

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Anonymous said...

My review is simply AWFUL on all counts! Our server was new and everything we asked was responded with "I don't know, I'm new". We ordered sandwiches and they took 45 minutes to prepare. During our wait, we smelled smoke and commented that we hoped it wasn[t our lunch. It was, and it was served that way. Black toast, blacker on the bottom. It was so bad, I only ate 1/4 and my friend managed 1/2. We then ordered a piece of three milk cake to share. The milk was SOUR. We did send that back and you could watch the group discussion in the kitchen. No offer of another choice. Between each of these encounters was a very long wait and we had to wave the server over each time. Even paying the bill was a lengthy ordeal. I give this place NO STARS if that is an option.

Anonymous said...

STAY AWAY!!! Well for those of you who previously posted about waiting forever to even have your drink order taken, fear not! Now they don't even let you sit down before taking your drink order! How rude! At least let me sit down instead of making me feel rushed to get me order and get me out of there before I even sit down! This was my second try at giving this place a chance and I should have learned my lesson the first time...The first time I heard a customer debating with the chef about making things the way the customer requests, not the way he wants to. I then found out why. I had ordered eggs benedict without the tomato. Surprise, it came with tomato. When I pointed it out to the waitress, she pretty much reiterated the conversation I had heard from the chef earlier, and that he does things his way She offered to take it back but I had already waited too long and had to eat what I had gotten and get going. I did comment to the manager mentioned in several of the other posts that he won't be in business long if that's the way the chef is going to operate. I got no apology, nothing.

Well today wasn't any better. My daughter ordered a salad. Her first bite she picked up a crouton and spit it out. I tried one and it had a pungent taste. Maybe sourdough? I asked the waiter if he knew what type of bread they were made from and said he didn't. I explained that they had a strange, strong taste and that she didn't want it and ordered something to replace it. Of course I should have know when I got my bill it would still be on there. The waiter had taken half the cost off only. I was told I would need to talk with the manager. When I asked why it was on the bill at all he replied that the waiter should not have taken anything off and that when he takes his kids out to eat he always pays full price even if he kids don't like it. When I explained that I had also tried the croutons and that I didn't like them either and that they tasted strange, he just kept saying that they were fresh and he has never gotten any complaints. I told him that I was actually giving them a second chance after a bad experience my first time, but if he was going to charge for something she hadn't even taken a bite of, only eaten one crouton, that I'll pay the bill, never be back and be writing a review online as soon as I get home. He just continued to lecture me about paying for food my kid doesn't like!

Service wasn't great either time I was there. Slow, even though they weren't at all busy and never even came to see if everything was alright after being served.


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