Sunday, March 24, 2013

Whitetail Resort Marketplace in Mercersburg, PA

I was up in the Washington DC area in February, meaning much colder temperatures and closer distances to higher elevations than I'm used to in Florida. Because of this, I decided to have an adventure and try something I had never done before. I went skiing for the first time ever...
The closest skiing that I was able to find was a bit over an hour away from where I was staying at a place called Whitetail Resort in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania. A day pass to the beginner slopes, equipment, and lessons wasn't exactly cheap but I was committed to either learn how to ski or end up with some broken bones. It turned out skiing came surprisingly easy to me and was going down the slopes in no time. After going down the slopes for a while, I was getting hungry and it was time to eat. The main restaurant here was called the Whitetail Resort Marketplace. It was set up cafeteria style with several different stations each serving something different. There were stations for burgers, sandwiches, pizza, sushi, or the daily special which I choose. This was barbecue chicken served with two sides. I choose beans and macaroni & cheese. For a restaurant set up like this, the food was surprisingly tasty. The chicken was nice and moist with plenty of flavor. The macaroni was nice and cheesy, but unfortunately the beans were very overcooked. Can't win everything. This meal also seemed like the best deal in the place, especially since a sandwich with no sides was the same price.
After food, I returned to sliding down snow covered mountains at high speeds on boards attached to my feet. I would totally go skiing again!

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