Monday, August 11, 2014

Havana Bistro Cafe in Orlando, FL

I've visited a Cuban restaurant on Sand Lake Road a few times now. They are located in a strip mall across from the Florida Mall and are called Havana Bistro Cafe.
Havana Bistro has a normal menu where you can order things like sandwiches, but they also offer cafeteria style foods consisting of several meats and side items. Havana Bistro seems to serve lots of coffee as well and has a nice selection of various pastries and desserts.
On my first visit to Havana Bistro, I ordered a meal where you get a meat and three sides from the cafeteria style part of the menu. I picked the ropa vieja for the meat. This finely shredded beef was very tasty and tender. I had the steamed vegetables, plantains, and congri (rice & beans) for my sides.
I tried their chicken on another visit. This consisted of shredded chicken in a flavorful yellow sauce with slices of green olives. I had corn, plantains, and congri for my sides this time. Out of the two meats, I preferred the ropa vieja.
I also decided to get a pastry on my second visit to Havana Bistro. I tried the guava and cheese.
I liked the food at Havana Bistro. The meats were tasty, although some of the sides were a bit disappointing (steamed vegetables and corn seemed like they came right from a frozen food bag). Their prices are very reasonable for the amount of food served as well. I'd return.

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