Friday, August 8, 2014

Outback Steakhouse in Orlando, FL (International Drive)

I was invited to a menu tasting at the new Outback Steakhouse that recently opened on International Drive. This Outback is located in the I-Drive 360 complex, anchored by the currently half built Orlando Eye ferris wheel.
I attended one of their lunch tasting events. These menu tasting events were used to train Outback's staff in exchange for free food. The meal started with Signature Baked Potato Soup - Creamy potato soup topped with melted cheese, bacon, and green onions.
I had the Baby Back Ribs - Smoked, wood-fire grilled and brushed with a tangy BBQ sauce. Served with Aussie Fries.
Sirloin and Grilled Shrimp. Served with a baked potato and asparagus as sides.
I had their homemade watermelon soda made from ginger ale, watermelon, and lime for my drink.
Outback Steakhouse was fun. This new Outback Steakhouse was pretty much exactly what I was expecting. Like most chains, the food here was pretty much equivalent to what can be had at any other Outback. Still, I think Outback Steakhouse should fully embrace their Australian theme and start serving kangaroo meat. I'd totally try kangaroo if it started being served at Outback. It could be a place for people on kangatarian diets to go eat!

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Mocha Princess Aurora said...

The Outback Steakhouse at the Buena Vista Palace serves Kangaroo. I didn't care for it personally but it was an experience to eat it!

Watch Me Eat said...

Ooh. I was at that restaurant years ago. Maybe I'll go back to try the kangaroo!

Anonymous said...

The "Outback" at the Palace is not associated with Outback chain. It is an entirely different business.

Anonymous said...

Outback on IDrive tonight with family. Everyone's food was great. Server was charming.
Btw, there's a deal at the moment: purchase a $100 gift card and receive a $20 bonus card to use on the next visit. That's a 16% savings on a total $120. If you go frequently anyway, it's worth the investment.


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