Friday, December 25, 2015

Ikea Orlando's Julbord Holiday Buffet

I was invited to visit IKEA and try their Julbord Holiday Buffet. According to IKEA's website, Julbord is a classic Christmas dinner in Scandinavian countries. The word “Julbord” is made up of two parts: “Jul,” meaning Yule (synonymous with Christmas) and “Bord,” meaning table. 
The all-you-can-eat smörgåsbord happened in the Orlando IKEA on December 11, 2015 in their restaurant. The center of the restaurant was transformed into an abundant spread of delicious foods.
There was assorted breads and crackers.
IKEA served some of their standards including their meatballs.
Mashed potatoes:
Prinskorv sausages were new to me. According to Wikipedia, the name translates to prince sausages.
Red Cabbage:
There was a huge spread of crawfish to choose from.
I really like IKEA's Red Beet Salad. I first tried this at another IKEA media event last year. It was delicious this time around too.
Swedish Potato Salad:
Hard Boiled Eggs:
This was a type of potato casserole. This was interesting by having a sweet aftertaste.
Gravad lax is one of my favorite foods from IKEA. I helped myself to far too much of this delicious cured salmon.
Christmas Ham:
IKEA served lots of assorted desserts, including cakes, cookies, rice pudding, and chocolates.
With that overview of the Julbord Holiday buffet, here's my two plates of delicious foods. Plate #1 was loaded up with crawfish, salmon, cucumber salad, meatballs, sausage, carrots, and mashed potatoes.
Plate #2 had ham, gravad lax, assorted salads, cheese, and the potato casserole.
I really enjoyed trying the Julbord Holiday Buffet. I had tried going here a few years ago but ended up trying to get my tickets too late and it was sold out. For future reference, buy your tickets early! I'm glad I finally had the chance to visit this year and sample all the delicious Swedish Christmas foods!


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