Monday, October 17, 2016

Nassau Bahamas Food #3: Manila Grill

This is a continuation of the food from my trip to Nassau, Bahamas. In our recent blog posts, we visited several of the restaurants in Atlantis. Today, we leave the sterilized safety of Paradise Island and head to downtown Nassau. After exploring the city and watching several of the Labor Day parades that I happened to come across, it was time to eat. What to eat in The Bahamas? Why not Filipino food? I found myself at a restaurant called Manila Grill.
Manila Grill had apparently been open for less than a month when I was there. The very red dining room was filled with diners and people singing karaoke. The kitchen was in the space next door and opened up to the street where you could see several old women cooking delicious foods.
As far as cultural foods go, I am completely lost when it comes to food from the Philippines. I believe this was my first time ever eating at a Filipino restaurant and didn't know what to order. Luckily, the owner was very friendly and basically explained the entire menu to us and gave recommendations. One of these recommendations was Longanisa which was a very garlicy sausage. It was served with fried rice, a fried egg, and pickled vegetables.
I ordered a dish where I completely forget what it was called. I should have taken a photo of the menu, but Google tells me it may have been called Sisig. The dish was served on a sizzling plate, consisting of pork, rice, and a raw egg. The plate was delivered and I was instructed to immediately mix everything together to cook and scramble the egg.
Color-wise, the whole dish looked very drab, but tasted delicious.
In the blog post I wrote about eating at the restaurants in Atlantis, I started by being sarcastic by noting how authentic my Bahamian-whatever type of food was. In this case though, based on nothing since I'm new to Filipino food, I would say that my meal in Nassau was probably pretty authentic...

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