Monday, May 5, 2008

Chop Shop Restaurant

Chop Shop Restaurant

I ate at the Chop Shop Restaurant in Deltona Florida today. It is new. It smelled like fresh paint which doesn't mix with food too well. The food was good though. I ate blackened mahi mahi. It came with two sides, and I choose corn and mashed potatoes. The corn wasn't on the cob, but it still tasted like corn.

Unless they get a better sign than what they have, I don't think they will stay in business very long. There were people eating there, but I think that's because they left fliers at peoples houses all over Deltona...

Chop Shop Restaurant Mahi Mahi
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Coleen said...

Hey woofboy!

I'm a Florida Everyone Forgot subscriber and now I'm pleased to find a new blog. I wish there was a wee bit more detail about the Chop Shop. I would like to take my family there for dinner tonight. Thanks for writing what you did. It helped me decide to go for sure.

Take care,

woofboy111 said...

Here's more about the Chop Shop from my second visit to the restaurant. I can't say it was the best experience, but the food was really good.

I'd be interested in hearing how your meal at the Chop Shop was.

Leslee said...

I decided to go to the Chop Shop tonight to visit with a friend. Not for the food but for the company and conversation.

The food was great. We ordered appetizers and shared. Michelle the waitress was great, and the experience there was what I wanted. Quiet, elegant. Organized.

We ordered scallops, calamari,ThrWe and soup,that proved to be too much with a side salad.
Great service, good food. I will be back with friends.


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