Monday, March 23, 2009

Bagel Tree in Boca Raton

bagel tree boca 3-13-09 storefront
Bagel Tree in Boca Raton, FL seems to be the restaurant of choice for the retirees living in Century Village to have breakfast. I've eaten here in the past when visiting a Century Village resident, so this particular visit was no different.

I ordered a sesame bagel with Nova cream cheese and homefries. Now, I don't want to sound like I'm complaining about food like the average senior citizen, but my homefries were served on the plate with someone's omelet. Their omelet was supposed to come with grits, and they weren't served at all until the waiter finally returned and was reminded. Once the homefries were transferred over to my plate, I found them to be really tasty. Moving on to the bagel, I asked for it to be toasted, and it was kind of burned around the edges. The Nova cream cheese seemed really stingy with the actual nova. There wasn't enough smoked salmon in there to justify the extra charge in my opinion. So in the end, I liked the homefries. Will I return? On the next visit to a Century Village resident, most definitely!
Bagel Tree Bagel & Homefries
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Anthony (Big Tony) said...

I'm from Canada.. The past couple of times I've went to stay with my Grandmother for a week or so, I went to the Bagel Tree almost every morning for the Nova Platter... It's to die for.. Sorry for anyone else who doesn't agree... The owner's are GREAT and so are their staff...


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