Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Java Jive in Atlanta, GA

I was looking for breakfast in Atlanta and saw the banner hanging on a restaurant called Java Jive about their award winning biscuits. That was enough for me to make my decision to eat there and I pulled into the parking lot. The huge mural on the side of the building bragged about their Award winning breakfast since 1994. With potentially good biscuits and award winning breakfasts, Java Jive seemed promising...
The inside of Java Jive had a very retro look, although the retro here was very different than the retro at the Majestic Diner.
I ordered the Gingerbread Waffle with Lemon Curd. The waffle had a great gingerbread taste. When smothered in the lemon curd and maple syrup, the results were nothing less than an awesome flavor combination. The waffle was much thinner than I was expecting, but I'd get this again regardless!
My waffle didn't come with a biscuit, but I did try a piece of one. I'm no expert on biscuits, so I can't be sure if it was worthy of an award. As far as my waffle goes though, it seemed like award winning material to me...

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Tampa Bay Food Monster said...

oh man this place looks really cool too! there need to be more "themed" restaurants like this in florida!


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