Wednesday, February 9, 2011

LuLu's Oceanside Grill in Ormond Beach, FL

 On a cold evening in Ormond Beach, I found myself eating an Ahi Tuna Wrap at a restaurant called LuLu's Oceanside Grill. The wrap was stuffed with the ahi tuna, wakame seaweed, cabbage, and teriyaki sauce. I was surprised to see the wakame in there, but it's all good. I love a good seaweed salad. This was the first time I've had it in a wrap though. Black beans and rice accompanied the wrap as a side.
I have nothing bad to say about my meal at LuLu's. Everything I tasted was good and the wrap utilized some unique ingredients. While I found much of LuLu's menu to be on the high side, I would still gladly return again to give them another try...

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I had the ahi tuna wrap yeasterday on a lazy saturday lunch - it was wonderful


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