Friday, February 17, 2012

Aunt Catfish's On the River in Port Orange, FL

I have been to Aunt Catfish's On the River in Port Orange a few times. On each visit, the restaurant always seems like they have a wait and the food has been consistently good.

My latest visit to Aunt Catfish's happened on a cold night in January. The meal started with a trip to their Fixins Bar. Almost all meals at Aunt Catfish's include at least access to the food here, if not their salad bar as well.
The Fixin' Bar is a small buffet table that includes cheese grits, baked beans, two types of cole slaw, apples, and corn bread. Being able to stuff yourself on all-you-can-eat baked beans so you're full before the actual meal is served can be a bad thing, but is still enjoyable on occasion. The food here was all tasty, especially the cheese grits and the cole slaw.

I had the Cajun catfish for my meal. At a place called Aunt Catfish's, I figured I might as well eat the namesake. Two filets of fish were served with a lemon slice and cinnamon roll on a huge fish shaped plate.
Overall, the fish was tasty. The Cajun seasoning was good and the catfish was cooked properly. I wasn't too impressed with the cinnamon roll, but including dessert is always a nice touch regardless. This wasn't my first visit to Aunt Catfish's, nor will it be my last...

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