Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Downtown Pizza/Off the Traxx in Melbourne, FL

Downtown Pizza is a restaurant in the historic section of Downtown Melbourne. This tiny shop doesn't exactly have an inside and pizza is ordered from a window on the street. The weird thing is, nobody knows what I'm talking about if I mention Downtown Pizza. Regardless of the signage outside and having their own storefront, people seem to refer to this place as Off the Traxx, which is the connected bar located next door. Perhaps if I went to Off the Traxx for drinks before pizza I'd be referring to this place this way too, but why do that when I'm coming for some really good pizza by the slice?
The slices from Downtown Pizza are good sized with a really thin, crispy crust. The sauce and cheese always seem to have a good ratio, and are overall cooked to perfection on my visits.
The white pizza is also really good, with no sauce and big pools of ricotta cheese.
This continues my trend of finding exceptional pizza in Melbourne. Still haven't figured out why this area of Florida seems to have a disproportionate amount of good, NY style pizzas as opposed to Orlando where pizza seems to be disappointing more often than not. Old Skool Pizza and now Downtown Pizza. I wonder what good pizza will be discussed on this blog next?

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Anonymous said...

Downtown Melbourne is becoming Italian Restaurant Central... For pizza in the downtown, you may also want to try Brio Italiano's... E New Haven & Vernon Pl... For more upscale Italian, again Brio Italiano & The Dove III (E New Haven & Municipal Ln)... All 3 (Downtown/OTT, Brio's, & Dove) within a 1/2 block of each other...


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