Friday, July 19, 2013

Big Louie's Pizzeria in Pompano Beach, FL

While in South Florida, I ordered take out from an Italian restaurant called Big Louie's Pizzeria in Pompano Beach.
I ordered a medium Margherita Pizza. This pie was topped with tomato sauce, basil, and fresh mozzarella cheese. I probably should have ordered a normal cheese pie since I really couldn't detect what the $2 upcharge was for over a plain pizza. I suppose it was the fresh mozzarella, but nothing about the pie really stood out. Not to say this was a bad pie. It was actually a pretty good pizza (especially considering that this was cooked on a conveyor belt oven - normally a sign of mediocre pizza). I don't why, I just was expecting something a little different from a normal cheese pie when I ordered the Margherita.

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Anonymous said...

A good way to lose all credibility in the Fort Lauderdale area is to say that you like Big Louies, the ultimate bad pizza chain


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