Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Harry Buffalo in Orlando, FL

On the 4th of July, I ventured into Downtown Orlando and ate dinner at a restaurant called Harry Buffalo. This space was formerly occupied by a Cajun restaurant called Mojo, which I enjoyed on my first visit. The next two visits weren't nearly as good. I actually never got to try the food at Mojo on these visits. We were seated and sat for far too long without being acknowledged. Even after asking for our server, we were still ignored and ended up leaving on both of these subsequent visits. I know it's a different restaurant now, but because of the last two bad experiences at Mojo, I was hoping Harry Buffalo wouldn't have similar problems.
Inside, not much was different during the change from Mojo to Harry Buffalo. There was more of a sports bar vibe now with more TVs and some sports memorabilia hanging on the walls. The building was still impressive, remnants from when Church Street Station was a thing...
This didn't click for some reason before dining at Harry Buffalo, but they do a lot of variations of Buffalo wings. With buffalo in the name, I don't why this wasn't obvious, but it didn't click for me. With that in mind, I ordered something that incorporated Buffalo chicken and had the Buffalo Mac & Cheese Big Horn Melt. It sounded like a weird and very unhealthy combination, but it was actually very tasty. The sandwich consisted of Buffalo chicken and macaroni & cheese sandwiched between Italian bread. The spicy buffalo sauce went really well with the cheesyness of the macaroni. Fries and coleslaw were served as sides.
I liked my food at Harry Buffalo. They didn't have any of the problems that Mojo developed. They also had trivia going on which is always fun. I'd return!

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