Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pizza Rustica in South Beach, FL (Washington Ave.)

A while ago I visited Miami and tried the Pizza Rustica on Lincoln Road in South Beach. The pizza was pretty unique with huge slices with creative topping combinations. I was recently down there once again and passed by another Pizza Rustica location on Washington Ave and decided to give them another try.
This Pizza Rustica was slightly smaller and didn't have the crowds of people gobbling down pizza like the other location had. There was only one other customer actually eating in here and then a couple more people occupying the outdoor tables with no food. Apparently you can get more than food at this Pizza Rustica as well. While I was waiting for my slice to warm up in the ovens, a man walked in and offered to sell me drugs, which I declined. I was here for pizza, not other mind alternating substances! Interesting crowd at this Pizza Rustica...
I had a slice of the Caprese Pizza. This rectangular slice was topped with tomatoes, basil, kalamata olives, and fresh mozzarella. While the toppings here could have had potential, the slice was overall disappointing. After being freshly reheated in the oven, this slice had a very soggy crust with no crispiness at all. The mozzarella was hardly melted and the other toppings didn't seem to adhere to the cheese like normally happens on pizza. They were just sitting on top and all fell off as I was eating the slice.
I wasn't a fan of the pizza at this Pizza Rustica, nor was I a fan of the somewhat sketchy looking people loitering around the outdoor seating and the drug dealers. Stick with the Pizza Rustica on Lincoln Road.

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