Friday, August 30, 2013

Austin Grill in Washington DC

It seems like I was just here a few months ago (I was), but I found myself in Washington DC once again. While in the city, the first place I ate was a restaurant called Austin Grill near the National Mall. Over the next couple days while in the area, I passed by a couple more Austin Grills. According to their website, they have four locations in the DC area.
Austin Grill served Tex-Mex food. The meal started with a basket of chips and salsa. I did enjoy the salsa. It had a lot more flavor than the standard Mexican restaurant salsa. It had a nice kick to it, as well as having a nice cilantro flavor.
I had the Double Stuffed Chorizo Tacos. The double stuffed aspect of the tacos was interesting. Rather than just having the taco fillings inside the tortilla, they melted cheese between two tortillas and used this mini quesadilla as the taco shell. The inside of the tacos were filled with chorizo, grilled onions and peppers, and more cheese. The chorizo had a nice, spicy flavor and melded well with the cheesy tortillas. Refried beans, rice, lettuce, and salsa were served on the side.
I enjoyed my food. Everything I ate at Austin Grill was very flavorful and was very filling. I'd come back here again.

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