Friday, August 23, 2013

Pie-Fection in Orlando, FL

I tried a restaurant serving pizza in MetroWest called Pie-Fection. This place is somewhat fast food where you order at a counter and wait for your food to be delivered. All the pizza toppings are located behind glass and apparently this place is supposed to work like a Subway where you tell your pizza maker exactly what you want on your pie as it's being made. When I walked in, I was handed a menu with lots of set topping combinations. Interestingly, there were lots of Brazilian inspired pizzas on the menu, but I went with what they called the Italian.
This pizza was topped with pesto-alfredo sauce, fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, spinach, and parmesan. Being a fast food pizza place, I really was not expecting much but it ended up being surprisingly tasty. The crust was nice and airy with a good crunch. The pesto had a nice garlicky flavor. The cheese and other toppings had a nice proportion to the rest of the pie. The pizza was a bit overpriced for the size of the pie, but I still enjoyed it. I would return to Pie-Fection again, and maybe order like I'm at a Subway next time...

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