Friday, February 20, 2009

Dynamite Roll from Fuji Sushi

I ordered take out from Fuji Sushi in Lake Mary, FL. When I went to pick up the food, I was surprised how empty the restaurant was. On my previous visits to Fuji Sushi, the restaurant has always been crowded, but tonight it looked like there were only two tables eating in the whole place. And then I was ignored. It took about five minutes before anyone came over to help me while the restaurant employees had a clear view of me while they were all at the sushi bar talking. When someone finally did come over, I paid for my food and took it home.

I had my miso soup first. Real miso soup from Japanense restaurants like Fuji is so much better than the instant miso from supermarkets. No complaints here.
Fuji Sushi Miso Soup
I also ordered a Dynamite Roll with a mixed seafood topping. It was basically a California roll topped with cooked fish in an orange sauce. I didn't like the topping very much, and it didn't seem to be worth double the price of a normal California roll with the small amount of seafood that I spotted in the topping. For a California roll with stuff on top, I definitely liked Imperial Dynasty's California Earthquake better.
Dynamite Roll
Dynamite Roll
Fuji has been good every other time I've visited, so slow service and one roll that I didn't like very much won't scare me away from the restaurant yet.
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