Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pan Pan Bakery Desserts

I pass by Pan Pan Bakery at the intersection of 17-92 and 434 in Longwood, FL almost daily, and the place always appears busy. With all of the customers, I figured it must be good and gave this Colombian Bakery a try.

I ordered a guava & cheese roll, a strawberry turnover, and a pineapple turnover.
My favorite was the pineapple turnover. It consisted of pineapple jam baked in a flaky crust.
Strawberry Turnover
The guava and cheese roll wasn't exactly what I was expecting. Inside of the sugar topped bread, there was guava jelly and a slice of cheese. Too much bread here, and not enough guava. I could have done without the cheese.
Guava and Cheese Roll
Guava and Cheese Roll
It seemed Pan Pan Bakery specialized more in breads than desserts since their selection was somewhat limited. Maybe one day I'll return to try some Colombian bread.
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Gunnar and Sherry said...

Nice blog! If I'm ever in central Florida, I'll have to check out some of these eats!

Farrah said... to eat...;)...yummy:)

Jannette Vega said...

Love the Bread...


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