Monday, February 16, 2009

Town House Restaurant

The Town House Restaurant
I ate at The Town House Restaurant in downtown Oviedo, FL. Apparently they had the Best Breakfast in Orlando in 2005, judging by the sign in the window.
View from the Town House
I ate the Greek Village Omelet, which consisted of three eggs (presumably from the Oviedo Chickens), feta cheese, gyro lamb, onions, and black olives. I'm not normally an egg person and was actually planning on getting something from the lunch menu. I found out when I got to the Town House that only breakfast is served on Sunday. Because of this technical difficulty, I ended up with the omelet. As far as omelets go, it was good and had plenty of flavor. The feta was good, but I think the omelet could have definitely used some spinach.

The omelet came with some very good homefries and a tasty biscuit.
Greek Village Omelet

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